cropped-cropped-14454719_787329518036836_684443032_n-1.jpgI am Eskew Roberts, apart of Emory’s class of 2019. This site is the result of the Film 208 class I took with Marc Bousquet. I enjoy making movies, writing, and playing practical jokes. I have some experience in computer science, psychology, and video editing. I’m good at math, critical thinking, and getting on people’s nerves.btw, Batman’s the best

This is so far the second class at Emory that I’ve taken that requires a website. I hope this one will be better than the last one, that you can still see by clicking the Eskew Roberts Home link at the bottom of this page.


I’m also a meme-er. They’re a great form of expression. There is one rule I have for memes, I rarely re-post, I always try to make original ones.

71519731 This is ironically the only meme I ever repost

I try hard to be original. I try to create my own brand and if I see someone with something even similar to my brand, I take a whole different direction.

In this site, I will mention how digital media has shaped and influenced today’s culture. I’m excited about this.

But enough about me, explore my site.

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